Consulting Services for Scientific Studies

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  • My goal is to provide pragmatic sound bioinformatic and biostatistical assistance with all stages of research projects: from grant writing and project design to data analysis and manuscript preparation.
  • My approach begins with understanding the science of my clients’ project. Then, by interacting regularly as the project moves forward, we can iteratively work towards a successful completion of the project.
  • I have 15 years experience with a wide range of statistical and machine learning approaches for the analysis of “-omic” and systems biology data.
  • I can provide substantial computing power, and am available for consultation for basic informatics needs.
  • I offer training services for students and staff, either one-on-one or through group instruction with hands-on experience.
  • Ad-hoc consulting for time-to-time troubleshooting (e.g. addressing analytic questions from referees and reviewers), or on a per-project basis.
  • Ongoing consultations with national and international biotechnology companies.
  • Ongoing collaborations with researchers in bioinformatics/biostatistics, providing access to academic experts for projects requiring more long term collaborative approaches.
  • Flexible billing depending on the nature of the project.
  • English or French
  • Montreal-based office


Code, Apps and Docs

Production of codes/scripts, web applications, figures and text for scientific studies.

Data analysis

Use statistics and computer science to analyze and interpret biological data in a performant and secure computing environment

Grant writing support

Technical or methodological support for grant writing

Student and staff training

Individual or group instruction in statistics, bioinformatics, ad-hoc computational resources.

Study planning & design

Work closely with investigators to understand project goals and provide organizational and technical tools to reach project milestones


To detect gene signature activation in breast cancer: AIPS represents the first tool that would allow an individual breast cancer patient to obtain a thorough knowledge of the molecular processes active in their tumor from only one individual gene expression (N-of-1) profile.
In Breast Cancer Research.

Building applications for interactive data exploration in systems biology: Our approach builds on the microservice architecture. Microservice architectures separates an application into smaller components that communicate using language-agnostic protocols. Packaging each service in a software container enables re-use and sharing of key components between applications, reducing development, deployment, and maintenance time. We demonstrate the viability of our approach through a web application, MIxT blood-tumor, for exploring and comparing transcriptional profiles from blood and tumor samples in breast cancer patients.

We developed a blood-based diagnostic test for breast cancer that may reduce false positive interpretations of suspicious mammographic results, based on how peripheral blood cells inform on the presence of breast cancer.
In International Journal of Cancer.

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